Motion Graphics Designer / Art Director / Illustrator

"People who get into animation tend to be kids. We don't have to grow up. But also, animators are great observers, and there's this childlike wonder and interest in the world, the observation of little things that happen in life."

- John Lasseter



Hello, this is Julia!

Julia is a motion graphics designer, art director and illustrator.

Julia Holmblad is a professional motion graphics artist, active both in the advertising and film industry since 2011. She has a bachelor in digital media, and studied at Hyper Island where she gained a strong focus on character design and playful animation.

Her vision is to always put a high amount of energy, creativity and artistic spirit into her work. The goal is to inspire and try out new innovative ideas in order to create projects that both she herself, and her clients can be proud of - whilst also having lots of fun!

She is currently freelancing wherever her help may be needed. She can help you with branding, storyboarding, 3d modelling and animation, as well as storytelling and much more. If this sounds interesting, drop a line and lets get in touch.

* Julias "unofficial" studio is called Doughnut Dollie production. That is why there are so many doughnuts scattered around here, if you where wondering...